(Kokomo) Drum Circle Class

Y'all already know what this is about and what's goin down on this night! 

Spirit Drumming on super charge!

We're coming back Kokomo cause y'all rock the &@!?! out of it!

Like last time I'm bringing the Rhythmic Carpet Ride along with a very Sacred Shrine and something new.............. Magic Dance Hall!

~Rhythmic Carpet Ride is a new yet old, East meets West style of receiving healing drum power. Not done by many, you get the chance to lie on the sacred and spiritually charged star journeyed magic carpet while the master drums are played over you sending you deep into that sacred healing place for you then brings you back home. 

~Sacred Shrine is an altar constructed of many indigenous spiritual cultures honoring the Divine, Guides and Ancestors. Feel free to bring items and offerings and meditate with the altar while the drumming carries you to your sacred space. 

~Magic Dance Hall is just that! Laser lights, smoke machines, lighted dance floor gives you the appointed dance space where you can create in private your rhythmic dance and expression. 

Sacred Rhythms is a Healing Drum Circle entirely based on honoring the rhythms and messages of Spirit thru drumming and connecting as a community and family. Very old sacred teachings brought to modern times. 

This is an all ages, family friendly, no experience necessary and drug/alcohol free event. 

Entry is $10 per beautiful soul and covers using the beautiful space that has been blessed to us, keeping the rhythmic wheel turning and helping us spread our message beyond borders and into hearts! We love you beautiful souls in Indiana and can not WAIT to drum with you!

Sat, 11/03/2018 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm