KO: Cooking Class with Sunspot- Indulge Your Senses!

The perfect date night! Singles welcome too! We will be welcoming The Sunspot Natural Market as they take us on a journey engaging all of your senses! 
Treat your love and body to a heart-healthy meal, hands-on cooking practice, and a fun-filled evening here at the YMCA! We will discuss the types of food best for creating your own heart-healthy meals at home for you and your loved ones, as well as enjoy some rich and creamy chocolate- because what's love without a little chocolate?

MENU: Honey Garlic Wild-Caught Salmon, a flavorful Potato, Kale, and Fennel Hash, a light Spinach Salad, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, & Lemon Balm Herbal Iced Tea w/ raspberry juice and honey, and delicious homemade chocolate to finish!

PRICE PER COUPLE: Y Members- $25; Non Members- $50
REGISTER: In-house at our Membership Desk or Onlinehttps://operations.daxko.com/Online/5014/ProgramsV2/OfferingDetails.mvc?offering_id=SES268713&program_id=TMP8290&location_id=B49&filter=H4sIAAAAAAAEAG1SQW6DMBD8SrVnItlOSQO39tJTpR64RZXlmIVaATuyTSMU5e-1IQnQRvJpZ3d2ZtZnEI6bCvIztKZEyMFirZy3wiujuZGys47v0Z8QNSTgvLA-dDFCtyvCViQt6CanJCckoKjLGUZJwdZ5moUHlwSk8Fgb23NVOsh3ULy-p2lG4SuBxshx3xV6e85i2VQVWqVr7vsjRiDUFvJiHXKWgNKy6UrkSgvp1Q_y6zIVxyrROHzQc9s6tZSij2mErRiM7FjY51WL3Apd3wSUgXkqnO-JEELoangFiXHME3mEXQLXXln_zSPjYHvhWYVB3TVNAkdraivaoQLFx-eWZZH6gP3J2BgYSGMOYeZJNsI5mKxWQqIPDd52OLdyB-b607liSserTThlC3zzD39Z_IH1gP892BTeXcLosVGtCiyMhC9mIt9uJB4mAqsWLcZ4ROXR3oakaWNSzhh9PeHlF3aoS1jQAgAA0

Tue, 03/13/2018 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm